Fitting new carpet on the stairs – part 1, preparation

In my latest project I tackled the very old carpet on the stairs. Not too difficult to do a better job than what was already in place.

After removing the tired carpet came the unique chance to fix the squeaky noise coming from the staircase. I did this by screwing the threads and risers together, and adding a few brackets at the back.

The landing got the same treatment. It is very important to mind the pipes unless you want a water disaster one floor below.

After clearing the muck under the floiring, I found the source of the noise scaring the kids at night: a slightly loose pipe moving about when water is rushing through, banging against other pipes. Fixed with some underlay.

Before buying a new carpet for the stairs it is very important to accurately measure up the area to be carpeted, and draw it to proportion on a paper so as to understand how much carpet to order. It is necessary to build a 10cm allowance either side.


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