Fitting new carpet on the stairs – part 2

After cleaning up and making sure no nails are sticking out, I installed the carpet underlay and carpet grippers. I stapled it using a stanley heavy duty gun and used carpet grippers from screwfix. I also installed new threshold bars – which required a generous application of wood filler near one of the doors as the flooring was too old.

I then trimmed the underside of the airing cupboard door by 2mm: the old carpet had no underlay and the new carpet pile is significantly thicker.

After this I roughly cut the carpet to size, making sure to leave some allowance, and placed it on site. Below is the picture for the landing.

I then carefully trimmed the excess.

Using a carpet knee-kicker stretcher and blunt carpet stair tool, I brought it to a nice finish.

The landing is covered by a single carpet piece that extends to the bottom of the topmost riser.

The stairs is a much more involved process. It is a lot more difficult to work with any kind of size allowance so I tried to get the width as accurate as possible.

The three steps in the turn had their dedicated capt piece, then another one was required for the bottom flight of stairs.

Here are the tools I used:


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