Shed building – Setting up the roof.

Ideally you want to have to roof set up as quickly as you can once the shed structure is in place to avoid the walls and the interior getting wet. I gave the wooden planks for the roof a good waterproofing oil-based treatment in case the felt had any leak. The roof felt itself needs…

Baby proofing the staircase

This staircase showed some pretty poor design. Even with a baby gate there would be some instances of the young one trying his best to climb the stairs. However with a wide enough gap at two meters of height, a tragic accident could have happened. I added some vertical beams to blend in the design…

Clearing a path

This was long over-due. The grass had started to form a thick carpet onto the paving slabs themselves. Weeds and mosses had taken hold of the small cracks in-between the stones. A high-pressure wash wasn’t sufficient anymore. A good ol’ shovel, a dutch hoe and a bit of effort did the trick

Shed building РAssembling the structure 

Once the base is in place, it’s important to make sure the building is always square as you slot the logs in individually. Those purlins are quite a job to fit in at 2.5m… My son decided he wanted to help with the wood treatment.

Bed assembly

Quick assembly of some flat pack furniture. One screw was missing from the set, thankfully I managed to find a replacement 

Putting up blinds

Just recently finished to install some Blind2go Venetian Blinds on a wooden window frame.

Shed building – Setting up the base

Shed base made of pressure-treated bearers and Dunster House rapidpad system. All bearers need to be strictly horizontals and same height. A good spirit level is a must, a laser version may help.

Shed building – clearing the grounds

Building a shed requires careful planning of the space it’s going into, and the ground needs to be reasonably flat before proceeding. This may require heavy machinery.